Attractions and Excursions:

Museums, castles and sights:

  • Guédelon, where a castle is built as it was done in the Middle Ages, is absolutely a must. There you can discover all crafts of this period.


  • Château de Chastellux, a french castle with elements from the eleventh, thirteenth, fifteenth and nineteenth centuries.


  • Musée Bibracte, for excavations and other discoveries of a Gallic town Bibracte is more than worth a visit. This museum is located on the Mont Beuvray and during the season there are guided tours.


  • Musée de resistence at Parc St. Brisson, situated in Saint-Brisson in the Nièvre, inside the Morvan Natural Regional Park centre, the Museum of the Resistance shows, through its permanent exhibition and educational activities, the many acts of resistance and the history of the maquis in the Morvan mountain range during the Occupation.


  • Les Grottes at d’Arcy sur Cure, Visitors to the Great Cave will admire the sculptural works of limestone and water at the turn of giant rooms and underground lakes. They will also discover captivating paintings, drawings, engravings, the artistic testimonies left by Cro-Magnon man 30,000 years ago.


  • Temple de 1000 Bouddhas, Dashang Kagyu Ling is a Buddhist meditation and study center founded in 1974. The temple of the 1000 Buddhas inaugurated in 1987, rises in the middle of the site. The Center welcomes people who want to learn about Buddhist culture for short stays or stays of several months. Stays allow you to withdraw from the world some time to study, reflect or meditate.


  • Le Saut de Gouloux, Located in the heart of nature, the town of Gouloux seduced by its preserved environmental heritage and its ambient calm. Between forests and meadows, it has a mountain aspect that does not lack originality. On the spot, the village makes it possible to be initiated to very beautiful hikes to discover the local fauna and flora, or to soak up the atmosphere of the surroundings. Not far from the center, do not miss to go to the jump of Gouloux, a waterfall which it is possible to join since the saboterie following the marked trail. The journey is about five kilometers round trip.
  • The Lac des Settons is a lake in the course of the French river Cure in the heart of the Morvan, in Burgundy. The lake is very rich in fish including carp, pike, trout and various whitefish. The lake is very easy to reach by car, there are no steep slopes and a boat is easy to launch. The lake is situated at an altitude of 586 meters, has an area of 367 hectares and an average depth of 6 meters. The basin contains some 19.5 million m³ of water.The lake is situated at an altitude of 586 meters, has an area of 367 hectares and an average depth of 6 meters. The basin contains some 19.5 million m³ of water.

Towns and other area worth a visit are:

  • Dijon (capital of the Burgondy)
  • Beaune (with the ’Hospice de Beaune’)
  • Vézelay (place of pilgrimage with a magnificent basilica St. Madeleine)
  • Avallon (old town)
  • Autun (old roman town with the church St. Lazare and a view on ‘Croix Mission’)
  • Chablis (viniculture)
  • Maison du Tourisme des Grands Lacs à Settons
  • Parc St. Brisson (maison du Parc du Morvan),with all kinds of information about the Morvan
  • Dolmes de Chevresse
  • Haute Folin
  • Parc adventure des Chattelaines à Avallon
  • Uchon, ‘Perle du Morvan’, with a magnificant panorama

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