What is Meditation?

Meditation is the highest state of your soul. Meditation cannot be taught, because it is not something you can do. However, the process to enter meditation can be learned. This systematic process helps you to become healthier, balanced, focused, clear-minded, without tension, be unaffected by emotions and thoughts, experience peace and calmness, and most importantly connect to your true self. On the surface, meditation can be merely perceived as a relaxation exercise, though the science and spirituality behind meditation goes much deeper. For thousands of years, the process of meditation was taught to help purify the body and mind, so that a practitioner can burn karma and awaken their soul. This included breathing techniques, concentration, yoga postures, practicing non-violence, discipline of mind, body and speech, fasting, truthfulness, and non-attachment among others.

You breathe approximately 21,000 times per day.  How many of those breathes are you aware of?  By learning to use the breath as a tool you can change your emotional state and the way you think.  Efficient breathing is a major component of good health and a great way to reduce anxiety, agitation and stress; while promoting relaxation, calm and inner peace.

Every morning, if the weather is good we are going to a special place in the Morvan or even at the resort to meditate. We do this about an hour or hour and a half.

Each morning we are going to meditate and focus on different goals. This can be on breathing, restoring our cells, healing ourselves, clearing our minds, goals we want to achieve in our lives, even the sounds we hear during the meditation etc.

sign up for the meditation mornings? You can do this at the reception.

We hope to see you soon on one of our meditation mornings.