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House Rules Resort Bousset

To make your stay and that of others as pleasant as possible, the following house rules are used during your stay.

Quietness on our estate

  1. For reasons of security and tranquility no motorized vehicles are allowed where the tents are located.  It could be permitted, after consultation with the manager, to drive with the E-Bike or car with walking pace on roads of the campground.
  2. To maintain the peace in the vicinity of Resort Bousset is not allowed to cause noise. The sound of TV, radio and other mechanical music should not be heard outside the resort equipment. Provided that otherwise arranged with the manager.
  3. Sound is to be kept to a minimum. Between 22.00 and 07.30 should all be quiet.


  1. Do not leave your belongings on the campsite and in your car unattended. Resort Bousset is not liable for loss, damage or theft of your belongings.
  2. During your stay you use properties of Resort Bousset. Treat property as if it were your own.
  3. The resort is especially not liable for damages, accidents or loss of property or other irregularities in connection with the use of the resort (accommodations)


  1. On Resort Bousset we treat each other with respect.
  2. The guest is responsible for the actions of his fellow campers and / or visitors to the site; he looks so ensure that they abide the rules of conduct and other requirements of the campsite. In preserving the ambiance and tranquility in the camp everyone is supposed to behave in such a way that in no way inconvenience is caused to another.


  1. In agreement with the manager a pitch is determined and gives, if desirable, instructions concerning the placement of the resort accommodation and / or layout of the resort.
  2. Subletting of the resort accommodation is not allowed.
  3. Per pitch a maximum of 4 people is allowed to stay.
  4. Independent camping among young people up to 21 years without the presence of the main-tenant is not permitted.


  1. Visitors must report to the reception. Dogs of visitors are not allowed.
  2. The car of visitors and overnight guests must be parked on the parking lot of Resort Bousset.


  1. The reception hours are indicated at the entrance to the reception. Only for urgent matters or emergencies outside these the reception can be consulted. The manager is always accessible via phone: 0031-615034190.
  2. On arrival at the campsite each is required to report to reception and subscribe.
  3. It is not allowed to use the car as a means of transport at the resort. For example, the guest must park and leave the car when he/she goes to the front desk.
  4. It is not permitted to wash your car on site.
  5. It is not allowed to park the car or along a paved path along the access road. In case of emergencies the emergency services must at all times be able to reach all the destinations on the site. Maximum speed on the resort is at walking pace (10 kph)


  1. It is prohibited for waste water to be discharged outside of the discharge points intended for this purpose.
  2. For a better environment we segregate waste at Resort Bousset. Therefore dispose your waste separated in green food waste and residual household waste, in the designated garbage bags. Full yellow and pink garbage bags can be deposited in the container. In addition, paper, plastic, glass and cans / small metal are collected separately at the designated collection points. Chemical waste and batteries can be delivered at the reception.
  3. It is not allowed to place your bulky waste in or beside a dumpster.
  4. Disposal of bulky waste, bricks and tiles should be taken care of by the guest, if the guest should have “forgotten” to do this, the cost of the disposal will be charged to the guest.

Plumbing and general facilities

  1. To maintain hygiene in the sanitary facilities, you should leave the building behind neatly.
  2. Children under 5 must be accompanied by an adult to make use of the sanitary facilities.
  3. Emptying toilet buckets, chemical toilets and waste must be made in the chemical toilet from the sanitary building.
  4. It is forbidden to smoke in all public buildings. Smoking area are indicated.
  5. It is prohibited to engage in and around the sanitary facilities otherwise which it is intended for.
  6. The use of aggregates for the generation of electricity is not permitted.
  7. The use of garden hoses for draining water is also prohibited in sanitary buildings and public taps.
  8. It is prohibited to stay in the sanitary buildings without reasonable purpose or in a cumbersome way
  9. It is expected that the guest reports defects or failure of ground facilities and general facilities to the manager.

The area

  1. The French law and all provisions of the General Local Regulation of the town Chiddes and Millay, in which Resort Bousset is located, apply to the camp site.
  2. All guests must be able to identify themselves.
  3. Resort Bousset cannot be held liable for fire, loss or damage caused by third parties.
  4. The use of the playground equipment on the site is at your own risk.
  5. It is strictly forbidden to make changes to or on the premises and / or the planting of the campsite. In case of violation of this prohibition the guest is required to make these changes reversed or repaired at their own expense.
  6.  The guest is not allowed to change formats and sizes of the place without the permission of the manager. If the guests have wishes for changes, they could make this known to the reception, after which a decision shall be taken by the manager in consultation.


  1. You are required to have legal liability insurance for damage to third parties.
  2. Complaints should be reported and will be resolved in a reasonable way.
  3. The delivery of goods both private and business should always be reported in advance at the reception. Without approval they are not allowed on the resort.
  4. It is not allowed to trade on the resort or organize opinions polls or other surveys, except with permission of the management. Violations are reported to the police.
  5. Pledges made by the manager on alternative arrangements regarding the rules and regulations are only binding if they are confirmed in writing.
  6. In cases where these house rules do not provide, the manager decides.

The violation of the house rules or failure to follow instructions may result in a warning, to refuse access to the public areas of Resort Bousset or expulsion from the site.

Legal violations and crimes will be reported to the police.